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Focal Point

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Focal Point Project by Helmsman
Focal Point Project by Helmsman
Focal Point Project by Helmsman
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Focal Point






Focal Point is the latest news platform adamant on delivering news and insight in an unabashed manner! Spearheaded by , India’s veteran journalist, Ajay Umat, the brand aims to give insight into current events and also unravel the mechanisms that drive global forces.

For the brand we chose a bright red background that seeks attention and matched it with clean golden fonts that the eyes can rest upon. The design language of the collaterals brings focus to the issues at hand, using the circular mark to draw attention and retain it. The secondary fonts were designed to be visible from a distance, even at a glance, perfectly selected to be fit for a youtube channel.

Focal Point

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We have extensive experience developing mobile apps across various verticals and operating systems. expertise allows us to understand your requirement quickly, create unique solutions, and develop solutions that truly solve the purpose and grow your business.

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Building a development team in-house may be time-consuming and costly due to the costs associated with recruiting, employing, onboarding, and managing new employees. With an agency that has economy of scale we can provide developers with rich experience that can provide solutions faster and in a more cost effective fashion.

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Our Quality assurance teams test the app extensively at each level of development. They undergo extensive testing to find and repair bugs, performance difficulties, and usability concerns. It will guarantee that your program runs smoothly and provides a satisfying experience for consumers.

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You may outsource and concentrate on running your company while professionals handle the technical details. It allows to free up resources that might be used toward advertising, closing deals, and fostering client relationships.


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